PHON.IN Classical Surround Radio

Audio format: AAC 5.1
You can also listen us in AC3 5.1 format,
by using VLC or any IPTV player:

This is a free and ad-free non-profit project, based on open-source tools and public domain / creative commons / copyleft / royalty-free high-quality recordings, specially remastered (without any modification to the original artistic content and mix) in a stunning discrete surround sound with the highest possible dynamic range, for a real concert-hall experience at home.

Please use a multichannel sound card with relative speaker set for a correct surround listening experience; you can alternatively copy and paste the "m3u" link above in any IPTV box, stick or Smart TV (by using a compatible IPTV app), configured in AC3 pass-through mode and linked to an external surround receiver with relative speaker set.

Engineered by - Marco Coldagelli